Friday, October 7, 2016

my favorite movie

I like to watch the movies. A lot of movies in the world. All movies are amazing. I want to watch more a lot of movies. Maybe I watched movie at first time is when I was an elementary school student with my father. My father likes Bruce lee. He is very cool. My first impression is that. He is very strong. I like to him from that time.  And now, I watch a lot of genres movies. Recently my favorite movie is "Kiminonaha". This movie is Japanese animation movie. I was impressed in this movie.  I watched this movie twice. And this movie use very good music. I like this music very much.

My favorite TV show

I like watching TV very much. And I have a lot of favorite actress. They are very cute. Everyday I watching TV. So all TV program make me happy and exiting. I like comedy very much. I like a lot of comedian. They have excellent talent. They always make me happy. And I often watch drama. So many kind of drama I watch. Love story, Suspense, Human drama and comedy. All genres I like. Especially I like human drama. It is very good. I always impressed. It made me think of my life. I want to watch a lot of human drama. And If I can I want to make human drama.

My high school memories

I have a lot of memory in high school. I can make a lot of friends and memory in high school. At first I joined Japanese archery club. I interested in Japanese archery before. It is very difficult for me. I practice hard everyday. And my friends helped me everyday. So when I was 18 years old, I can participate in the game. And school festival is very fun. It is my favorite event every year. When the 3rd grade, I sing with friends on the stage. That was very fun. A lot of other students enjoyed. That is my unforgettable memory. So if my dreams come true, I want to go back and sing with friends again.

Friday, September 30, 2016

junior high school memory

I play soccer when junior high school student. I like soccer very much. And I practiced soccer everyday. When I was 15 years old, my last game did. I impressed this game. We lost 10-0. I was very sad and cried. But now this is good memory for me. This game grew up to me. If my dreams come true, I want to play the games again with same member.
And another memory was school trip. We went to Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. I watched a lot of temples. The temples are very old. I wan to go there again. When we wen to Osaka, we went to aquarium. A lot of fishes were in there. 

Sports to watch

I like sports to watch. I play soccer when I was junior high school student. So, I watch soccer games every weekend. I like foreign soccer games. Spain, Germany, Italy, France and England. World top soccer player is very fantastic. A lot of Japanese soccer player went to other country for playing soccer.
I like sports to watch other sports too. For example baseball. Japanese baseball makes me exciting. And a lot of Japanese player go to America. I respect for them.
And the Olympic hold this year in Rio. I impress a lot of sports and sports player.  In 2020, Olympic games come to Tokyo. I want to go and watch the Olympic games.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

movie review

I watched this movie long time ago. Maybe I was junior high school student. Why I watched this movie. My father like this movie very much. And my father said to me you should watch this movie. So I watched this movie when I was junior high school student.


At first I watched this movie, I was very excited. All scene has big impact. I was very surprised. Before I watched this movie, I have never watched American action movies. I always watched Japanese movie or animation movies. This is my first time to watch the American action movie.


Jones is special people. He has strong mind and physical. He is professor. Bad little strange professor. He has a curiosity. At this movie, jones went to Egypt. And he wants to get treasure. The treasure is ark. Ark is very important this movie. And woman before jones’s girl friend is very important people. Her name is Marion. Marion is very beautiful girl.


At first jones get an ark. But a lot of people to steal the ark. So jones has a lot of trouble. But jones walked away a lot of pinch. And finally he and Marion get the treasure. They were very happy. And finish this movie.


I watched this movie for long time, I felt different things before. When I watched first time, this movie is very unusual I think. But now little bore. Because movie is very old and action is not really. Now a day, a lot of amazing technique has been created. So and movie image is very beautiful now. And CG is very good technique I think. So this movie didn’t used CG, and image is little bad. But story is very interesting. Harrison Ford is very cool people. So I want to go to Egypt. And I want to find a lot of treasure. And now I want to watch more series of this movie.